Georgie O on 26 March 2021
Q. Have you faced any unexpected expenses because of the pandemic?

I'm kind of good foreseeing things, not trying to sound big-headed. I foresee things, price rises going up. I try and inform myself on what could happen. I knew that staying at home was going to cost more. I knew that the heating may have to go on a little bit more, albeit we just didn't basically. I knew that I'd be washing more clothes, essentially which we tried not to do. It was like, please don't get them dirty. What else. We haven't really bought any clothing. Like I said before I buy clothes too big to grow into knowing that this is how things are, it saves you money. And also my girl is very much a tomboy so she could pass them on to her brother. Nothing too unexpected to be honest. I managed to plan, albeit it doesn't mean life was easy and still isn't. There's been nothing huge at all, basically. Just have to buy a few things to keep the kids entertained which is something you don't plan for. It's like having another Christmas, which we keep very, very small. Smaller this year than ever before. About 30 quid each a kid, which people would never dream of doing and that's how we do it. Yeah, I don't know what else to say on that.

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