Victoria B on 16 December 2020

Food. Food. Food. Everything is about food these days. Food insecurity sucks, and even when one reaches a state of food security, that fear is ALWAYS there. That 'will it last, is this enough, what if xyz happens'. Hunger, real no-idea-where-the-next-meal-is-coming-from type hunger, leaves psychological scars. Food insecurity for children leaves them traumatised, with unhealthy food relationships, FOR LIFE. Kinda like PTSD. I know cos I've lived it. When I was a kid, I'd fight other kids for food, I'd steal food and I'd eat mouldy food. If I'd have known I'd be on benefits as a mother I'd never of had kids. I never want my kids to feel that level of hunger. It still effects me, our cupboards are full but I still skip meals fearful that we'll run out and my kiddies will be hungry. I know we wont, I know I've planned and budgeted and we get enough food aid (out local community centre has been amazing sending out weekly goodies) but that fear, those scars from my childhood that in adulthood manifest in anxiety around feeding my children. It's emotionally painful.

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