Teddy W on 27 July 2021

Taking this £20 away from myself and my child could mean I can't afford to pay the extra for my rent driving me into rent arrears or I won't be able to pay for oil to heat our home. There is a minimum order of £100 and that's only essentials. My car I'm already falling behind on its maintenance and I need it for my work as a childminder but it may have to go. I live in a rural village where public transport is sparse enough. Myself and my child would be further isolated away from society, I would have to shop local cutting me off from affordable choices such a red label discounted food products. I don't drink, smoke or socialise as I can't afford to, cutting me further off I worry about my own mental health, I'm already at counselling because of depression and pain management this will just compound it even more as I'm already balancing on a tightrope.

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