Callie I on 22 December 2020

I'll write properly about my Christmas plans and how they've changed...but just a small note, an observation that I've had while cooking this afternoon. So I have a cooker, its one of those double cooker, big fan one at the bottom and a small electric one on top...wel for about 4 years the big bottom oven hasn't worked at all. So I only use the top small electric oven which is fine, I cope. However I've never done Xmas at my not buying a turkey, in just getting a large chicken for my kids and I. But it going to be challenging to cook that I one tiny little top oven space...especially along with my other roast veg...oh dear its going to take a while...thank god ive no high expectations of myself amd neither do my kids.. Whatever the oven amd the food bank can give is what we will take this year. This year is like jo other, so the best way tk approach it is recognise the limits, accept them and have a great time regardless.

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