Meg T on 31 December 2021

It's New Years Eve & I woke up to my worst nightmare. Due to an incoming payment delay at my bank, the payment of Child Tax Credit & next week's Carers' Allowance weren't paid in time so I was unable to meet my payment obligations & I defaulted - this potentially has the knock on effect of affecting my credit worthiness. I hate living on a knife-edge - I've said before - it's all consuming & living under a dripping tap of constant stress is doing my blood pressure & more recently my eczema no favours whatsoever. I would work if I could work - but due to having a chronic incurable neurological condition - Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy, I struggle to maintain my own household let alone manage to work on top. I've also been caring for my son since his mental health took a turn for the worse - he needs me to be there in the event of an exacerbation of symptoms, especially now his mental health nurse has left the service (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services aka CAMHS) for a different healthcare trust & he is yet to be seen by his new psychiatrist - his 3rd in less than a year because the two others have moved on. We are literally in a holding pattern until the New Year & an appointment comes through for a medication review. He fell through the gaps last year & here we are again - I pray he doesn't self harm again. PS. Dear reader - are you aware that disabled people make up 20% of the UK population & that 1 in 6 people in the UK are diagnosed with a neurological illness. My particular condition Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM) is not well known, even by medical professionals. I'm lucky I have a great neurologist & neurosurgeon now, so finally have the right medical support, but it's been a battle. It's the most common form of incomplete spinal cord injury & affects approximately 1 in 50 people in the global adult population (up to 5% approx), but most don't know they have it. Because it's not so well known, it's taken me 7 years to secure the correct level of financial & medical support - needed even more by those with disabilities as we go into 2022 in the grip of the Omicron variant on Covid-19 & increasing inflation.

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