Lola P on 27 March 2021

The last year has been a challenge to say the least, I’ve had many dark and down times as my mental health plummets on a daily basis. It’s been a struggle to stay upbeat for the kids when all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry. Most days have been the same, just trying to get through the day with as little tantrums as we can as two of my children are so young there’s no way of them being close to understanding any of it. Supporting the children as much as I can is my daily goal and making sure their childhoods aren’t scarred from this. I’ve found solace in being creative which has helped me no end and I’m starting to pick up from rock bottom albeit slowly! But never less it’s a start! Who knows how long we are going to be like this and to be honest deep in my heart I’m not sure I want “normal” back now, as hard as it is is this the easier option? I don’t have to say no to fun days out because my 7 year old knows we can’t do that anyway? Is it the lesser of two evils maybe?

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