Lexie G on 11 December 2021

Christmas jumper day at school for a donation!! Why don’t the schools realise that there are families that are struggling to feed and keep their children warm and Christmas is around the corner which is another worry!! Buying Christmas jumpers that kids will wear twice at best is pointless, stressful and an extra worry. As a parent of 3 school age children to buy 3 of the “cheap” Christmas jumpers is a minimum of £36, schools then expect a cash donation on top of this for the children to actually wear the jumpers to school. So you are looking in total of £39 MINIMUM!! That is more than a lot of families have for a full food shop. As a parent you feel you have to join in so your child isn’t the odd one out (children can be cruel) schools need to stop this unnecessary extravagance and truly grasp the concept of hidden poverty!

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