Charlotte P on 26 September 2020

I am really concerned about the fact the government are not pumping money into life coaching classes or counselling for young children affected by the realities of Covid. It is a disgrace that Boris states he is worried about the long term mental health issues of children but is doing nothing about it. I've a child who is 6 and although he is non diagnostic, Covid has severely affected him emotionally. I have an 11 year old girl who transitioned from primary school to secondary school but without the proper tools for doing so. the tools she was due to learn through her end of Primary 7 year. She was due to go on a residential and also to attend youth centre classes to prepare for the chat as. I worry that she has become shy as no-one has put anything into place. They don't even talk about Covid or lockdown. I personally feel as an ex teacher that the government need to pump money or find volunteers who can assist children in this transition. These are strange times. I grew up in the Northern Irish troubles. we had counselling. Covid is a bigger war. why can't this generation have counselling or life coaching to help them?? I just don't get it.

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