Victoria B on 23 July 2020

I cried like a baby yesterday. On Tuesday our local community center sent over some packs, with food and activities for the kiddies (they're sending another today which I'm anxiously keen on like a little schoolgirl lol). This was from the youth group my kids normally would attend in the holidays, where they'd normally do crafts and have lunch. So in the pack were fresh ingredients for lunch and crafts. I mean fresh. The lunch was a loaf of soft fresh white bread, grated cheese packet, slab of real butter and family sized pack of fresh honey roasted ham slices. We felt like Kings, kiddies keep asking for sandwiches since cos it tasted so good. So soft and fresh and luxurious. They also provided a bag of bananas and oranges, which have gone down a lovely treat. We made banana milkshakes in blender with milk powder and water, the sweetness of the bananas masked the powder nicely. Was a lovely treat and a great mood lifter.

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