Howie P on 03 December 2021

I am really glad that this vital project has been extended. I have struggled to interact as much as before as work has been more full on and more crazy than ever, I'm pretty sure as a result of covid. As such a lot of time was missed during lockdowns we have been at more than full speed since being allowed back to work but it does seem as though we may not ever really catch up. We work with children and young people outdoors and we have certainly noticed that their needs are much higher than before. My own daughter in fact came out of school after a long period of bullying that after lockdowns became more serious and physical and could not be resolved by her school. I feel this was also an unfortunate feature of covid and lockdowns as young people at school all had different experiences at home and this massively impacted how they felt and behaved when they returned to school. There has also just not been enough support for people to help them navigate the stressful and unusual events that we have all been living through. We see an impact on their mental health and social skills and just more limitations in what they can cope with. Referrals from schools to our setting have also increased as schools are becoming overwhelmed with the needs of children, that they can't meet.

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