Victoria B on 18 January 2021
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Q. How has your daily parenting been affected by lockdown, and how are you coping with any changes?
My mental health has taken a steep downward turn in recent months, combined with hyper kids in small confines and less distractions, has definitely lead to a change in routine and parenting needs. I'm both more snappy, due to personal grumpiness, and more open to listening to children's needs. Moved more towards child-lead focused parenting styles, where children have more (safe) control over their day to day routines and activities, rather than just doing as the parent tells them too. Which leads to the odd "just watching TV day" to the odd "how many things can we make from these old items" day. It varies from day to day based on kids, and my needs each day and we communicate more effectively over decisions. If I need to go to the shop for example, we discuss it as a family first and only go if all three of us are comfy with that. We've also taken to each needing our solo time, and while I'm taking time when I need too to meditate or ease my mental health symptoms, kiddies can play and are learning that it's okay to take time for self when needed. Much less strict and much more about supporting each other as a team, a family. Don't think we'll revert back to stick "mummy is boss" set up after the pandemic is gone either, it's lovely to see my children develop their independence in ways they're comfortable with and it's much nicer to talk and logic an issue out than to lay down the "I said so" rule of mummy. Also, having a perfectly clean house has become far less important this year, trumped by the need to be a solid support for my children's mental health and education.
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