Charlie B on 08 December 2020

Been feeling low and missing my parents group at school, getting involved and helping the school and just having that connected and support, well today was the school play for ks3, and normally were all be in the hall id be running a stall or helping with raffle for parents group, bit this year has been sooooooo crazy with covid and I thought we won't get a play, the school said its going to be over zoom, and I just thought this won't be the same, ohhh boy how wrong was I.

I was just blown away by the amount of work and care that went into each classes show, the feeling that I was back apart if the school again, and just to see the lower years having a great time, the teachers and class support workers all getting involved it was amazing and it really lifed my spirits its just what I needed.

I just can't wait to be back helping at the school, as a special needs secondary school they need all the help support and fundraising we do for them, and this pandemic has just shown me how much I appreciate of a hard work and dedication of the school and how much I absolutely love that dedicatingn my time to them, I hope to be back there soon, so my depression lifts

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