Meg T on 01 March 2021
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Q. How would you describe your life, and how do you feel about it?
As a disabled lone parent, I find that I am constantly living in survival mode, hanging on with gritted teeth whilst maintaining a smile on my face. I keep on having to postpone any nervous breakdown or self care, because there's always something happening. My 16 yo son's mental health is suffering to the point of severe self harm, and there is no one to take the pressure off me a bit. I feel that although I do lots for others, although I received gratitude, which is lovely there is absolutely no one there for me to lean on and that is hard. I feel very alone and lonely. I'm not depressed about it or wanting to garner pity, but it would be nice for the pandemic to be over so that I can enrol my son at college so he can start the next phase of his life and I have more time for me and my interests. And rest - I'm exhausted. Instead, I'm in the position of having compiled forms for his transition from DLA to PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and awaiting his assessment interview and now of having him assessed for Autism, ADHD and ADD, because he is showing some of the symptoms typical of those with neuro-divergent disorders.
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