Erik J on 03 December 2021 🌟
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Q. How does Covid continue to affect you and your family?
Myself and my daughter were extremely careful during the covid outbreak but unfortunately when the schools reopened in September we both tested positive, this meant my daughter missing valuable school time in her final year. She has fully recovered but 3 months on I am still finding I have a lack of energy along with extreme tiredness, now there is a new variant spreading which could possibly affect those that have previously recovered or who are fully vaccinated so where we go from here I have no idea. The government has totally lost control, on a almost daily basis I am hearing conflicting advice from politicians, often from the same party that is confusing and of little help, there are also the reports of them not following there own rules which I believe is causing others to not make the effort to wear masks and adhere to social distancing in public areas. Financially things are getting worse rather than better, there has been no lasting change to the help and benefits people living on a low income can access but the cost of food and other essential items are increasing at a fast rate , utility bills are rising even faster which is meaning that we must make more thorough decisions about what we can save on in order to feed ourselves and stay as healthy as possible. Last winter we were only able to heat our home on a couple of occasions, with the latest price increase I have reached a point where heating our home is no longer going to be an option. It hurts to see my daughter shivering and complaining about the cold but there is no other option for us or thousands of other families in a similar position.
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