Gracie L on 21 December 2021
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Q. How are you managing with Christmas preparations?
Just a note on Christmas jumpers first, a bit of positivity hopefully for anyone struggling next year - I've made it a Christmas tradition to get 'winter' jumpers when we put our tree up - a wrapped jumper appears the next day. These then generally get worn all winter and replace last year's grown-out ones. I also aim for a wintery jumper rather than Christmas if possible although I wear my Christmas jumpers all of December and the kids generally do too. We also get Xmas jumpers free from our local Children's Clothes Bank, and recycle our old clothes to them too. Finally, when the school ask for a voluntary donation, we only pay it when we can afford it. We ❤️ sustainable/recycled Xmas 🤪 one year there was no Xmas jumper under the tree, but a box of decorations to glue/sew onto a current jumper. There is always a way to share Xmas joy, even if it's making paper chains out of free newspapers. Having said all this and generally being a very positive person, I have found myself feeling very lonely this Christmas, to the point of shuddering tears I haven't experienced for a long time and hugs with our guineapigs in the garden to cheer up. I feel like all the work is left to me as mum, cooking and cleaning and wrapping and pretending. To be honest I can't wait for my kids to work out that Santa is just the idea of giving without expecting something in return... Then maybe they'll help round the house more! 🤭 Improving my mood by helping a friend... And promising myself to increase my circle of friends in 2022 from a couple to a few. Looking forward to seeing some family this week, hopefully ... ❤️ To all a Merry Christmas ❤️
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